Published On: Wed, Aug 6th, 2014

Damn. Sean Penn Got RIPPED

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Sean Penn Workout

53 year old actor Sean Penn recently was seen on a California beach showing off his new ripped body. He looks more like 23 then he does 53! The weight gain (or say we say muscle gain) is double shocking because Sean had to drop over 30 pounds for a role in a new move he recently shot where he is playing a poor immigrant worker who comes to the United States in the 1930s.

With the the shooting of his new movie completed just 2 months ago, the actor gained his weight back and added on 15 pounds of muscle in only about 8 weeks.

“When your trying to lose weight, it’s all about depriving your body of calories…..when you are trying to gain muscle its the opposite. Instead of depriving your body you need to double up on what it needs to build muscle quickly. Every dietitian will tell you its all about what you put into your body. In my case I just ate normally, lifted heavy, and upped the nutrients my body needed to gain muscle by taking a double stack of supplements my trainer gave me, Alpha Fuel  and T-10. ” – Sean Penn

This isn’t the first time we heard about these two supplements. So, naturally our curiosity was sparked. Many celebs have been reported to use these Alpha Fuel and T-10 to gain muscle quickly for new roles. We wanted to see if it would work for us, so we ran a little experiment.

Check our Alpha Fuel + T-10 Experiment Here!

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