Published On: Thu, Aug 7th, 2014

The Only 2 Things That Matter In Muscle Supplements

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There are probably 100,000 different types of muscle supplements to choose from. Some are great, but many are a complete waste of money. Muscle The truth is there are really only two ingredients that make a muscle supplement effective. Both of these ingredients are expensive to manufacture so your lucky to come across a supplement that contains both. Normally they contain one or the other…..or none at all.  After digging through the ingredient labels of about a zillion different supplements, we found a couple great ones that have everything you need to pack on muscle. Check out what these 2 important ingredients are and which supplements on the market contain them below:

 A Red Blood Cell Booster

Oxygen. Sweet, sweet oxygen.

Oxygen is required by the body to make energy to produce muscle contractions. Boosting the amount of oxygen in your blood means that your body has more energy to perform more exercises and thus build more muscle. When you have effectively boosted your red blood cells you will find yourself able to lift weights longer, your stamina will increase and your recovery time decreases. You can boost the oxygen in your blood in two ways, by producing more red blood cells or by increasing the amount of oxygen held in your red blood cells. Both are effective for muscle growth.  The active ingredients in your supplements should be Echinacea, Cobalt, Niacin, Portulaca Oleracea, vitamin B-6 and vitamin B-12. (Check out the FREE TRIAL of Alpha Fuel which contains ALL 6 of these ingredients).

What Your Supplement Needs

A Nitric Oxide Booster (NO Booster)

Nitrix Oxide is a power house for building muscle. If your supplement ignore’s this…….it’s worthless. Increasing NO in your blood cells will:

  • Increase removal of metabolic waste to prevent muscle fatigue and allow for greater workout capacity and muscle growth stimulation.
  • Greater energy production to exercise harder more intensely.
  • Enhancement of both the anaerobic and aerobic biogenic exercise capacity of muscle for maximum force production, lifting heaver workloads, and performing more reps and sets.
  • Improved recovery between sets and workouts.
  • Increase muscle building potential.
  • Reducing training-induced red blood cell breakdown.


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